Wellness Series: Eat Smarter, Not Less

Drastically reducing your daily food intake is not the answer. In fact, it is a recipe for weight loss failure.

People have been trying to lose weight by eating less for decades – unsuccessfully.

Yes, eating less will get the weight off, but it won’t keep it off. Our bodies are not built to restrict food intake. They are built to turn food into energy.

Yes you can restrict your food for a while, but eventually you will get hungry and then you over eat and regain the weight.

The answer is increasing your exercise so you can consume more calories and learning to eat smarter rather than eating less. Replace the advice to eat less and move more with advice to move more and eat smarter.

instead of skipping meals so you can binge later, fuel your body with whole natural foods throughout the day and give your body the time and space to use that energy properly, via exercise.

Dr. Hills Wellness Series

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