HuffPost: Why Some Biggest Losers Gain Weight

Dr. James Hill has been sharing tips for maintaining weight loss for years, based on his experience and research from his time at the National Weight Control Registry.

In a recent HuffPost article, Why Some Biggest Losers Gain Weight, Keight-Thomas Ayoob shares some of Dr. Hill’s insights on common lifestyle habits that can help maintain weight loss:

  • Four out of five eat breakfast every day.
  • Three out of four step on the scale at least one time per week.
  • Nearly two out of three watch less than 10 hours of TV per week.
  • Nine out of 10 get an average of about an hour per day of exercise.
  • Most eat a low-calorie diet, with about 28 to 30 percent of their calories from fat.

Wellness Series: How to Start Moving More

Maybe you haven’t exercised for a while and the thought of being active is a little daunting.

Here are three things you can do right now to get started moving more.

1. Pass by the drive through window and walk into the bank or restaurant.
2. At work, take walking meetings.
3. Avoid elevators and escalators and take the stairs.

Your body works best when you’re active, so just get out there and move it.

It’s not weight loss you want; it’s wellness.

Dr. Hills Wellness Series

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Wellness Series: Your Bathroom Scale is Off Balance

Many people come to me for help in weight loss. Most of them are focused on the number on the scale and they simple want a diet program to lower that number.

Being overweight is not really the problem, but rather a symptom of a lifestyle out of alignment with ones purpose and values.

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Wellness Series: Stop The ‘Goal Weight’ Madness

People often think they want to lose weight, when in reality what they want is to enjoy their lives more. They want to live life to the fullest. And many people believe their weight is keeping them from doing this.

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Sound Bites Podcast: Transformational Weight Loss: What you Really Need to Know About Exercise

Sound Bites Podcast 24: Transformational Weight Loss: What you Really Need to Know About Exercise, James O. HillMelissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RDN, CDE, nationally recognized food and nutrition expert, channels more than 20 years of experience into her blogs and podcasts. As one of the country’s foremost experts in weight loss, James O. Hill, Ph.D., was recently invited to participate in one of her podcasts on “Transformational Weight Loss: What you Really Need to Know About Exercise.”

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10 Tips to Lose Weight, and Keep It Off

10 Tips to Lose Weight & Keep It Off, by Dr. James Hill

Tis the season when many people decide it’s time to lose that extra weight once and for all. The reality is, however, that while most will lose some weight, very few will keep it off.

Here are 10 tips for long-term success based on decades of work with people who have been successful in keeping extra weight off. While diet and exercise are important, it is also critical that you approach weight loss in the right way. Keeping weight off takes hard work – but it is worth it.

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