Wellness Series: Start at the Root of Your Habits

As humans we are hard wired to want a certain degree of social acceptance. This is great when you’re relationships align with your values and purpose.

But when your support system can’t get behind your lifestyle changes, you’ll find yourself stuck carrying more weight.

We see this a lot with people trying to lose weight. They spend much of their time with people who are not making good lifestyle choices. Let’s face it – we tend to behave like those we surround ourselves with.

If you want to change your life, you have to figure out how to spend more time with those who live the kind of lifestyle you want to live.

Build a solid foundation by surrounding yourself with people who not only support your weight loss goals, but are there to encourage you on every step of your journey.

It’s not weight loss you want; it’s wellness.

Dr. Hills Wellness Series

View more of Dr. Hill’s Wellness Series videos:



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